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Looking for a wonderful, safe clean family daycare? I am here to serve you we are located in south San f. serving infants and toddlers - full time and part-time

Open Monday-Friday. We include nap time and comfort. learning time will be accommodated for each child. snacks included. We will play and learn, toys, bock (ENGLISH/SPANISH)colors, story, telling, music and dance. My focus is to stimulate children with indoor and outdoor activities. I am a highly experienced, licensed, childcare specialist with a strong education in CHILD DEVELOPMENT. I am also CPR first and certified

​3 month -1 year old

It is ideal for your baby to learn to explore the world around him and to know his own space. 

This level is focused on social, emotional, sensorial, language, fine and gross motor skills.

Areas of development.


Gross Motor: are the great movements of the body, legs, and arms. 

Fine Motor: they are fine and precise movements of the hands and fingers. 

Language: the ability to communicate and talk. 

Socio-affective: the ability to interact with others and express feelings and emotions

​1-Year to 2 years Old 

Children at this age are more independent, starting new activities and social experiences begin to know and explore more interest with the world around your engine developing stimulating, strengthening its COORDINATION, self-control, and self-esteem...

3 years to 4 years old 

At this age, there is a greater orientation and knowledge of the world around him, in this period the work of specific issues facing the development of knowledge and intellectual activities child's development begins


4 years to 5 years old

At this level, all activities are based and independence is strengthened to take on and resolve all activities arises.

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