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Angelitos Health


Children should be at daycare only if they are well.


Parents who suspect their child is coming down with something needs to keep them at home.


This policy is based on consideration for all families and the responsibility we hold for the children.


When both parents work, plans should be made in advance for backup when their child is ill.


Specifically, attention must be paid to the following:


1.    All health forms must be on file and up to date.

       Each child must have an immunization record on file signed by a physician,

       or the child will not be admitted to daycare. NO EXCEPTION.


2.    Parents must alert Angelitos Daycare of any health information about a child which may affect the health of others. 



3.    The child must be clear of fever for 24 hours before returning to daycare.


4.     Children with mild runny noses, due to seasonal colds, will be admitted as long as behavior and activity level is normal.


5.    Allergies of any kind should be mentioned.


6.    If the child feels fine and is fever free, but requires medication, the daycare will administer it.

       A note must accompany all medication with specific instructions and signed by the parents.

      The note will be retained and placed in the child's file.


7.   if a child is brought to daycare, they will be expected to participate in normal activity, indoors and out.

      A good rule of thumb is that if a child needs extra rest, the child needs to be at home.


8.   All staff members are trained in first aid and will be able to deal with minor incidents.

      A first aid kit is kept on the premises.


Do not bring a child to daycare if he/she has experienced the following: loose wet stools, fever within the past 24 hours,

pink eye, lice/nits, unknown rash, symptoms of a possible communicable disease, the first three days of taking antibiotics.


If you become ill at daycare, you will be contacted to pick him/her up. You will be notified if your child bumps his/her head and swelling occurs. If your child misses daycare due to illness, payment is still due.

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